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One of four species of genus Cucurbita; also known as marrows.

One of four species of genus Cucurbita, also known as marrows in some countries. The four species of squash are:

  • C.maxima: Hubbard squash, Buttercup squash, and some varieties of prize pumpkin
  • C.mixta: Cushaw squash
  • C.moschata: Butternut squash
  • C.pepo: Acorn squash, summer squash, , and most

In North America, squashes are also loosely grouped according to season.

Squashes were first cultivated in Mesoamerica over 8000 years ago, and was one of the cultivated by Native Americans.

Botanically, squash are fruit because they contain the plant's , but are cooked as savory .

Use this tag for all questions about growing squashes.