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This page from the Royal Horticultural Society provides the formulations of a range of compost specifications used in the United Kingdom; from this source: [John Innes No 2] contains double the amount of nutrient in John Innes No 1 to suit established plants. It is suitable for most houseplants and vegetable plants in containers. John Innes No 2 is ...


I would keep the soil well below the face brick, about 3 " at least as the sod will bring about 1 " of soil. I would also keep the soil level 3" below the sidewalk or the grass will be growing on it in a couple years unless you aggressively edge.


You can reuse some of the soil, if you have the time to shake it off the roots of the weeds and grass; dispose of the weeds completely,but any grass can be stacked up, face down, somewhere out of the way. This will eventually compost down and you can then use the resulting composted, soil like material on the garden, in beds or wherever you need it. You do ...

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