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Very few plants can tolerate much salt in the soil. There are some exceptions in costal areas like mangrove. But it requires a lot of salt ; the amount you put on food will have no effect. If a large amount of salt is used, plants will not grow, or grow poorly until rain rinses the salt away, which may take years ; depending on the relative amounts of salt ...


You can't usually just "dump topsoil" on top of what is already there, because if you add enough topsoil to make any difference (i.e. 100 to 200mm) you will raise the ground level enough to cause problems. For example the new soil will get washed over existing paths and driveways, or cover the damp course layer in the house foundations. Note, I am ...


In my opinion (and you can probably get as many opinions about this as there are posters on this site), what you do depends upon what the builders did. The big question is: Did the builders spread spoil from the apartment across the top of the topsoil that was already on the site? If the builder did remove most of the spoil, gravel, and debris, then you can ...


If you make raised beds, filled with commercial garden soil (tuin aarde), you can start right away. You can find instructions online on how to make raised beds, for instance videos like here.

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