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Sorry to bring back an old thread, I have a question as well as a contribution. A great method to kill buckthorn is to cut the stump to the ground then apply glyphosate, 18%+ concentration, to the perimeter of the stump using a Buckthorn Blaster. The Blaster really reduces the amount of glyphosate used, there is no overspray, it also is very easy and fast ...


That looks like a larch, Larix sp. (Obligatory Monty Python reference.) I'm IDing it based on the way the needles are clumped. Here's what larch needles look like up close: (image source) The larch is a deciduous conifer, so if your tree loses its needles every winter, that would support the larch hypothesis. The needles are also quite a bit softer than the ...


I use copper sulfate crystals, dissolved in water, then placed into my pressure washer mixture reservoir. I have it to be a longer lasting solution than bleach.

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