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Take a look at Olearia macrodonta (New Zealand Holly). According to this website, it's "Very well established throughout West Cork now."


Sooty mold is exactly what it is. Confirmed by someone who saw it live.


Assuming that this had white flowers on it a few weeks ago, and assuming that you're in North America, I'd say that the shrub is a Chokeberry (Aronia melanocarpa). The shrub might be about 3 feet high and wide, unless trimmed by your workplace's maintenance people. If I'm right, then the berries are edible, but only if cooked first (too bitter otherwise - ...


It's a Euonymus, not sure which variety, there are several with variegated leaves and I can't see the overall size and growth habit from the photo. What's attracting the flies are the flowers; once they fade, the flies will disappear. The flowers will fade within the next week or so but, in the meantime, if the shrub is large enough, you can either trim it ...

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