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A common cause of bark splitting is freezing in unusually cold weather. It may be killed or not , but it is an entry point for fungus and disease. You could just leave it and take a chance or start looking for a replacement. I do not know any way to significantly help it. I have three large gardenia bushes that have similar splits from the severe February ...


Looks like you have either a golden currant (Ribes aureum) or its very close relative the clove currant (Ribes odoratum). Both are native to Canada and most of the US. Like most other currants, golden and clove currant berries are edible, but best when cooked with sugar, like black currants. Both species are also fragrant. Given the rounded leaves in your ...


Weedkillers for soft green growth are divided between those that will kill through the leaves, any type of leaf, and those that kill in the same way but leave lawn grass largely unharmed. There is no formulation that will leave your catnip untouched - its just another broader leaved plant to a weedkiller. The area looks to be quite small and there isn't a ...


Crepe jasmine "Tabernaemontana divaricata" commonly called pinwheel flower, crape jasmine, East India rosebay and Nero's crown is an evergreen shrub native to South Asia and now cultivated throughout South East Asia and the warmer regions of continental Asia. Scientific name: Tabernaemontana divaricata Courtesy: Wikipedia

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