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It looks like a member of the genus Vigna, which is the type of bean originating in the Old World, as opposed to the genus Phaseolus, the New World beans most western gardeners are familiar with (think runner beans). Judging by the color, your beans look a lot like mung beans, although the growth habit of the seed pods is slightly different. But judging by ...


I think i found it. Iris pseudacorus (yellow flag iris). I have a few small Iris in my garden but have never seen the seeds, I am guessing something brought the pod near the bird feeder and left me with a puzzle. thanks anyways to those who read the post.


If your garden compost was produced in the manner most of us do, that is, just chucking it in the bin and leaving it to get on with it, rather than turning a couple of times a week, then your compost may contain pathogens and is not suitable for use in pots at all. On the other hand, if the compost happens not to contain any pathogens, you might find your ...


Do not worry. I just never used the "plastic" above the seeds. I know that paper was used, but I never cared much. I also seed plants on my greenhouse, when the temperature is a lot less 20 degrees. It just will take some more time, but do not worry. Do no worry much about soil. Seeds need just humidity, no nutrients. Old (and compost) dirt have just more ...


You want substances that take the place of cat litter in function, that function being to absorb, not repel liquid. Whatever you were using to get the false information should be discarded. If the seed were liquid repellent then you might as well just use pebbles or marbles then wash them and reuse. Or sand.


In some cases the seller might select a cultivar that is very prolific at producing many seeds on a shorter cycle (quick to bolt) for spout seed production (as the cash crop), while this is often an undesirable trait for seed you would want to achieve a large, mature, but not yet going to seed, food crop plant. A sprout seller can also get away with ...

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