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Study their native range. Giant Sequoia (Sequoiadendron Giganteum) grows in a sandy loam soil in California it's a granitic residual.... Though adaptable to many soil conditions You can replicate it. If you have silt/clay soil it's fine. Break it up real good and mix it with 25% sand with granite dust (a countertop maker which cuts granite will give it to ...


They will deteriorate,especially with help of a lawn mower. It depends on what yard you want ; for a smooth "golf course" lawn ,pick them up. I have a poor lawn so don't care;I planted about 8 southern magnolias, the southern pines,sweetgums were already here. So before mowing there are magnolia pods,pine cones and sweetgum balls all over ,after ...


I would grow it in just water with nutrients, changed regularly. I suspect there is a high chance of the root going mouldy otherwise.

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