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Monkey Puzzle Tree (Araucaria araucana) shedding seeds in Summer

You can solve the monkey puzzle seed mess problem if you collect the monkey puzzle seeds and put them into a box and ship them to me. I will pay for the cost of shipping to the USA. Free disposal. ...
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help Me to Identify these seeds whose one end is pointy and other rounded?

So far after going into more internet search I think it is quit close to aster but still trying to connect it more. I will update this answer in future with more evidence.
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How do hot-water baths not kill plant seeds?

I have never hot-water scarified seeds myself, you just got me curious. One thing that startled me was that I could not find any species that absolutely required hot stratification to germinate a ...
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What are these seeds/eggs that appear on my indoor plant leaves?

So I’ve these too. They light on me as I walk through my yard. Photo taken with them in the dimple of a microscope slide. Seeds or flea Corpses?
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