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Can I move a flat of Spotted Dead Nettle outside in cold temperatures?

No, you would need to harden them off first. The plants inside are accustomed to warmer conditions, and will not respond well to being placed outdoors in much colder conditions; your existing ...
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Tomato seedling care

Indeed lean doesn't matter at this stage. I presume the cover is there to prevent freezing if outdoors. So if stored indoors the cover doesn't matter, outdoors it can be removed when the night low is ...
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Are my poppy seedlings dying? How can I save them?

It may have been too hot and/or too much sun? It looks like you posted in late May. Poppies like cool weather, and should be started in late fall or late winter depending on your climate. They melt ...
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Tomato seedling care

The lean does not matter at this stage. Similarly, if they bend a little when they touch the lid, won't harm them either. The bends will auto-correct later with the upper part growing towards the ...

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