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I have a version of this on the windowsill, where two shoots are conjoined. It happens to be the first almond I see sprouting. TBA Just fun!


I don't often try the paper towel techniques etc. Plants don't need paper towels, ziploc bags, and hydrogen peroxide to propagate in the wild! For lavender, fill a seed tray with damp compost, sprinkle the seed on the surface, cover with a very thin layer of finely sieved compost, and put the tray in a clear plastic bag to prevent water loss. It should ...


I don't see a problem. Plants have get spots easily, especially seedlings. The one leaf looks like possible physical damage on the very end, maybe laying against something. Some of the spots might be from water on the leaves. Other than that plants get spots. Plants are just like us. We are all not perfect, some of us have freckles others have moles. ...

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