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Probably what you scraped off were adult scales - crawlers may have been beneath, or were too small to notice and you only saw them once they got a bit bigger and attached themselves. New scale insects are unlikely to be the old ones reattaching themselves. Staghorn fern can be very sensitive to insecticides, and often insecticides aren't that effective on ...


Scale can be controlled by scraping with a fingernail. They just need to be dislodged , they don't generally reattach. Depending on the situation , it may not be worth the time. I have a 5 ft. sweetbay in the yard and scrape scale for 10 minutes every few days, it has worked.


I believe this plant is a Hylocereus, which is a genus of epiphytic jungle cactus. The brown patches you see look like corking which is the hardening/thickening of the skin/flesh in older parts of cactus plants. It's not a bad thing, but too much can indicate potential insect or disease problems. Check yours carefully for any small insects or fine webbing ...


I just did the soaking method with dish soap. I had them on a jade plant I took from an outside garden. I have had them on this plant for a while and finally made the decision to do something about this. I also scrubbed the stems with a toothbrush. I rinsed them very well in laundry sink and them put them back in the bucket over night I still had some in ...

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