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For container-grown trees, you have the benefit of having a nice plant to drop in the ground whenever you want. Nowadays, most professional growers cater to this market. Bare-root trees can only be planted in early Spring, and the idea is often intimidating to novice gardeners. Because of the disruption caused by bare-rooting a tree, you may initially see ...


I planted many bare root fruit trees ( zone 5). I did not do anything special and do not remember anything other than they leafed out and grew normally in the spring. I planted them in fall, winter, and early spring while dormant. My understanding is that in late winter and early spring , although dormant , they grow root hairs that were lost in the bare ...


Excessive water can cause salinity which may be causing the detrimental of leaves . Just add a spoonful of water daily not much not less depending on the size of the plant.You may notice the changes soon also these plants are indoor plants so they do not require much sunlight !! Hope it helps 🙂

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