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Perennial of genus Rubus grown for its edible fruit.

Raspberry plants are all in the genus Rubus, and most are subgenus Idaeobatus. They are perennials grown for their fruit().

The fruit are made of around 100 drupelets - each of which is a central seed surrounded by a juicy pulp. When removed from the plant, the fruit core is left on the plant - unlike which are removed and eaten with their core intact.

There are a number of species of raspberries, but in cultivation they are generally classed as red (Rubus idaeus or Rubus strigosus) or black (Rubus occidentalis). These can be crossed to produce 'purple' raspberries. Other crosses with other members of Rubus produce hybrids such as or .

Fruit are typically eaten fresh or pureed for their juice. They contain significant antioxidants (including Vitamin C), dietary fiber, minerals, vitamins, and even salicylic acid (aspirin).

Raspberries are popular commercial crops in most temperate parts of the world.