If they are two completely separate plants (not two stems growing from one bunch of roots) I would plant them separately. They may look a bit "sparse" this year, but next year you should have several canes (British for "stocks" I assume) from each plant. FWIW in the UK you would normally plant the canes when they were dormant (November to March) - but ...


You mentioned they are growing in the woods, which means they are in at least partial shade. Raspberries (like many fruit-bearing plants) will only produce fruit if they have adequate sunlight. It's quite common to see wild-growing raspberry patches that don't fruit, because they don't get enough sunlight. Somewhere else, there is a patch of raspberries ...


They do sometimes grow from seed from the fallen fruits. Unfortunately, raspberries do not necessarily come true to the parent plant, so the results of the these seedlings will be variable.

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