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I suggest to plant them when the weather first permits. This way if your first few vines fail after a couple of weeks you will have enough time remaining in the growing season to try a second batch of pumpkins. I planted pumpkins in April and actually have a few "Jack-be-little" pumpkins to harvest at the time of writing this. I know they are ripe ...


Squash borers, they are inside the stems/vines. The only way to see them is split the vine longitudinally, which actually is a good way to get the large ones. The vines will continue growing after being split. Probing in the center of the vines with a wire ,like a coat hanger is a good way to kill big ones. Dust the vines ( not flowers) with Sevin dust to ...


That's a female flower that hasn't opened yet. If the flower opens and is pollinated, a fruit will start to grow, but if the flower isn't pollinated, the fruit will just wither. Male flowers have much smaller bulbs at the base which are narrower than the blossom, whereas females have an immature fruit directly beneath the flower. When the flower opens, it ...


It looks like a male flower to me. Whenever the males are small, they can look like females. In rare occasions, the plant is silly and decides to make female when it is young. In that case, just clip the female because the plant isn't ready for a pumpkin yet.

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