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A technique called "air layering" is likely to be more successful for you compared to regular cuttings. Citrus does not root readily in water. Most propagators find that air at the cutting end and perfect control of temperature and humidity as the roots are established are critical. In addition the ease with which roots form can vary quite a lot ...


I suggest just leaving it alone. These plants bud out quite readily from old growth but usually need good light to power the new buds. If you wait till spring there will be more light. By spring you will also be able to evaluate how much of that stem has died back. When it buds out you can cut it back to just above the new buds.


Alocasias are growing from bulbs or rhizomes so the best is to use root division or in this case rhizome division. Effectively this means separating the pups from a mother plant or dividing a large plant into two or more individual plants depending on the structure and size of the rhizomes. Here is an article about it: How To Propagate Alocasia – Tips On ...

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