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Starchy tuber crop, member of the perennial Solanaceae

Also known as "Irish Potato" (although originating from Peru), the potato is a significant staple for much of the world's population (on average, every human consumes 33 kg of potatoes per year). It is cultivated from Solanum tuberosum of the Solanaceae family. As such, it is related to nightshades, , and peppers. The root system forms tubers which are principally starch - these form the potato crop.

Some varieties of potato can form small green fruit that resemble green cherry tomatoes but with large numbers of seeds. These are toxic due to their high alkaloid content. Potato and green tubers should also not be eaten due to their high alkaloids.

As befits such a widely used crop, there are over 4000 different varieties of potato. They are available in white, yellow, red, and purple colors. For culinary purposes they are also classed according to their starch content which influences their texture.

Use this tag for all questions about savoury 'Irish' potatoes. Use the tag for questions about the similar-looking, but unrelated sweet potato.