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25 degrees is a lot of slope. I have a area that is about 15 degrees ( 4 ' in 20' ). I have timber and rock terraces because anymore than a few degrees will wash away soil. My soil is very sandy so maybe it is worse. I think your decision is "how many terraces ?". I have used patio pavers on edge ; the supply store will have many types and natural ...


You have to be specific on what type of fruit you want...usually you can get trees already with fruits on them if you're talking smaller citrus varieties, but if you're talking apple, pear, peaches etc. you're probably gonna have to go to a nursery and buy trees on a rootstock with fruiting grafts.


None of them? Usually the best way it is to buy from a nursery. You may have your own nursery and own orchard, but the first is usually more complex (and it may have more regulation), so it is not the good way to start. But if you go in this direction, you can plant the tree much denser (possibly where it is also easier to water, and to fertilize, and with ...


My suggestion is to consider the spacing requirements of each variety of plant you'll be growing in a companion plant setting (or any setting, for that matter). The spacing requirements are almost always printed on the seed packet. Space your companion plants so that the plant that requires the most space will have enough room, and plants that require less ...

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