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If you live outside the city in the suburbs or "the country", then that's deer damage, and there's no real way to prevent it except by fencing. There are some products that do work for a little while, but they need to be reapplied rather frequently and usually stink of either coyote urine or rotten eggs.


In some cases the seller might select a cultivar that is very prolific at producing many seeds on a shorter cycle (quick to bolt) for spout seed production (as the cash crop), while this is often an undesirable trait for seed you would want to achieve a large, mature, but not yet going to seed, food crop plant. A sprout seller can also get away with ...


I opt for a space of at least 3.5 feet from any planting, and geotextile filter fabric of the non woven variety laid above 3 inches of coarse gravel/crushed gravel(i prefer 3/8"chip), and underneath 6 inches of the same, where you can then place larger [spaced] pavers of choice in an arrangement of choice, as heat will radiate out and away due to air ...

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