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With effort, any plant can be cloned (i.e. propagated vegetatively), but some species do it more readily and more naturally than others. Not all can be propagated this way "naturally". The plants that are easiest to propagate vegetatively are those that root readily from a shoot, and those that spread by rhizomes or dividing bulbs, or that ...


If the soil is not compacted, I would not attempt to disturb the soil. Doing so will expose weed seeds and disrupt the natural structure of the soil. Oddly, enough you run the risk of compacting the soil. There are two ways this could happen: the natural structure of the soil is stable, by rotavating it you make it unstable and it will soon collapse back ...


I’m afraid you set up your seedlings for a lethal race: There are so many seedlings per area, that they are trying to outcompete their neighbors in search of space, light and nutrition by stretching as long as they can. Looking at the window box, that’s even worse - for them, the high sides is like being at the bottom of a deep valley. Next time, be a bit ...


Not too much water and cilantro is one you want to reim often it will flourish. I usually can keep mine going most of the summer thy usually make it most of the summer in my region the hot August sun will get them I van get a few more weeks in pots inside


Black raspberry gets anthracnose mold which can spread to red and yellow raspberry. U of IL recommended over 100 ft of separation. I have grown red (September) with a yellow together and had no problem. I grew black ( Bristol) over 100 ' from reds( Latham) with no problem for red; the black still get anthracnose.

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