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What is happening with my pothos?

In addition to the previous answers I want to add two things Firstly it appears that the plant has been damaged, possibly by some sort of animal There are cracks on some leaves and some stems have ...
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Is my pineapple plant going to grow a pineapple?

I have been growing mine foe almost 3 years. I live in the Texas panhandle. I bring it indoors when temps fall below 65°. All I have read has said it take a few years, 4+. I started mine from fruit ...
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Why do all the flower that come out on my Rhododendron never fully open? All the light purple flowers show up but never completely open up

I find various possible causes listed for Rhododendrons aborting flowers (different from not making buds in the first place) with nutrient deficiencies, frost or cold damage, and insufficient water ...
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I think I over pruned this rubber tree plant and I am scared I killed it, any advice would be appreciated

I don't see any reason why the stems won't bud out in four to eight weeks. The soil does look dry so check how wet it is by sticking your finger in the soil. If the tip of your finger feels moist ...
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Moss Rose indoor growing

Moss roses tend to bloom for three or four months in the best of conditions and are not considered house plants. They require at least eight hours of direct sun per day and appreciate more sun than ...
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