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Philodendron (Philodendron bipinnatifidum maybe?) is turning into liquid

Assuming that you live in an area where it is currently late winter, and given the looks of the leaves and the fact that the plant's collapse occurred within hours of your getting it home, I'd say ...
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How can I encourage my plants to push out larger leaves?

Phosphorus is supposed to help increase leaf size in plants generally, I've read. It's also supposed to help plants mature, and increase internode length. Cold temperatures can decrease phosphorus ...
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Philodendron Brasil unfurl deformed

More finicky Philodendrons have unfurling issues due to low humidity but with your plant it should not be an issue. I think what you have is a pest issue, probably Thrips (but can be other as well). ...
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Philodendron Imperial Red: What could be causing "burn spots" on leaves?

I don't think its a fungal or bacterial problem but an insect infestation. I suspect your plant has spider mite - the little dots in the leaves suggest that, and under magnification, I think I can see ...
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