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The spots are called cystoliths that won't harm the plant. It's a natural process along the cell wall of the leaves, in which almost all Rubber trees obtain. They're not pests or larvae, so there's no need to worry!!


It is difficult. The best method: look around you, to see what other have done, and ask how their method is effective. There is a lot of try and error loop, and it is good if the "error" part was done by others ;-) An option is to use the electric fences, ask to a local dealer: it depends on soil, vegetation, and wild animals which and how to set up an ...


Hello & Welcome Doug, You left coyotes & cougars off your list. There is no way to keep out Raccoons. They can climb any fence. Deer can leap anything lower than 8'. Skunks & rodents can dig there way in. Unless you put up a concrete barrier both below and above the ground. Most fences as long as they are not too low will hold most dogs, ...


I suspect the hyphae (the fungal growth you can see) is actually associated with the debris sitting on top of the soil and nothing to do with the roots of the Areca. It's difficult to be sure what the debris is, looks a bit like pine cones or something. Remove the debris and see if there's anything else under there this might be growing from; I'm not sure ...


Looks like an ordinary earthworm; I am sure I have some in my pots, I don't find them to be a problem.

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