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Is there a camera that I can use to search through gopher holes?

I have had some success putting smokers down a gopher hole entrance and then sealing it with pinecones/rocks. Not sure if this is something you're willing to do, but it worked really well for me in ...
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Can Marigold flowers keep animals away?

I am interested in the comment about planting the marigolds with the vegetables as a pest deterrent. The only time I used the small marigold plants there were lots of insects in and on the tomatoes, ...
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Is there anything that really helps against the Box tree caterpillar once they are spreading?

Last year my beautiful box was attacked. Only on one end I saved the rest, I brewed up garlic rosemary and crushed tomato plant leaves let it steep in boiling water for 24hours and sprayed the living ...
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How do I deter the honey-bees from my compost bin?

Taking the lid off quickly and running into the house has worked for me, but more bees may arrive in a few weeks. Some recommend leaving the lid off in spring and summer but this may invite rats or ...
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