Several species of Pyrus.

A can refer to either one of several species of the genus Pyrus, or the apple-like fruit of these trees.

Flowers and fruit resemble those of the , and both Pyrus and Malus (apples) members of the same sub-category of the tribe Maleae.

Pears have been cultivated since earliest antiquity, and they were probably eaten during prehistoric times. Although much of this evidence is found in Northern Europe and Switzerland, the genus is thought to have originated in Western China in the Tian Shan foothills.

Pears are typically grown for their fruit, which is typically consumed fresh, canned, as juice, or dried. The juice can be fermented to produce a cider. Pear wood is also a popular choice for high quality woodwind instruments, and furniture. It can also be burnt to produce aromatic smoke for smoking meat or tobacco.

Pear trees are sometimes grown as ornamental trees - such as the Bradford Pear in the US. Although an undamaged Bradford Pear has a pleasing shape, it can easily, produces lots of suckers, and attracts undesirable such as grackles. In many areas it is considered a problematic non-invasive tree.