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How to address a broken peach branch

Cleanly cut off the broken branch as close to the trunk as you can. Don't bother with wound paints or covering the wound with anything. Let nature take its course. Trees want to heal themselves and (...
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Peach trees stopped producing

Lots of orchards in my area got hit with untimely freezes and lost the entire year's production - no flowers means no fruit, and a freeze at the wrong time means no flowers. I had a hardy apricot ...
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How to prune this peach tree?

The "open center" is common method. Remove large branches in the center ( a few each year). This gets more light in the center and gives "a lower tree". I generally don't want to ...
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How to prune this peach tree?

When you are advised to take whole branches, the idea is to avoid leaving dead tips. That goes a little something like so. In the picture you see the cut is happening at the join with another branch. ...
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