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It's not a viable idea - the wood chips will gradually degrade and decompose over time, creating a layer of soil like material on top of the gravel just right for seeds to germinate and grow in. Not only that, assuming the gravel is not compacted into place with a machine or bound with resin, the two layers will not stay separate if there's a table and ...


Don't use sand for the third layer, ants love it. A new home close to the surface but protected. Use stone dust which is crushed gravel and commonly available at outdoor supply stores. You can't easily do anything about the sub surface sand layer. A general rule of thumb is that the more effort you put into having a firm compacted base the better the ...


I would just rake it level and put pavers down , looks like a good base. I have built two paver patios on essentially the native sand soil , no problems. I also built a 8 'X 12 ' garden shed putting house brick on native sandy soil , it has a heavy cabinet sitting on the brick and has not moved in 20 years .

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