*Petroselinum hortense*, a herb that is cultivated as both a spice and a vegetable.

Parsley, Petroselinum hortense is a species of Petroselinum, family Apiaceae. It is native to the central Mediterranean area but is naturalized in other parts of Europe; and is in widespread cultivation around the world.

Parsley is a biennial herbaceous plant in its preferred temperate climate, but can also be grown as an annual herb in tropical and sub-tropical climates. As a biennial, parsley typically grows to about 75cm tall with 3-10cm diameter umbels with numerous yellow-green flowers.

Parsley is typically grown as a herb/spice or as a leaf vegetable. It is also popular with wildlife - swallowtail butterflies use parsley leaves as a host for their larvae; bees and other insects will pollinate the flowers; and birds (e.g. goldfinch) feed on the seeds.

Parsley can also be planted as a companion plant. In common with other members of the carrot family, it can attract predatory insects which then help to protect neighboring plants.

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