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sustainability Barrel composting of vegetable leftovers provides me several buckets of composted material each spring. I believe the ~20 liter buckets I have on my balcony don't get hot enough to kill pathogens ... but haven't had problems yet. I imagine a 120L barrel seeing some sun could reach suitable temperatures ... but then you can't have worms ...


If you want to avoid both synthetic fertilizers and animal waste (as discussed in some of the comments), there are some organic fertilizers that are based on waste products that would have to be disposed of otherwise. The Bokashi method for example turns kitchen waste into liquid fertilizer on a household scale. Some commercial producers also claim that ...


There are a lot of organic fertilizers both solid and liquid you can use and they are more than enough to produce great crops. The amount and type of fertilizer depends on the plant though so you are going to have to do some research on your own. The main nutrients are NPK - Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium - and you can run into trouble with lack of some ...


Yes that is possible, you can use organic fertilizer instead. For example cow or chicken manure can be used. I have these in dried granules form, I just add a hand full every month or so when I think the plants need some extra nutrients. But there are more organic fertilizers, check here on wiki if you want.

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