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Freshish wood chips as filler for bottom of raised vege garden

I think it would work OK, it would certainly drain well. You would be more or less making a H├╝gelkultur. This study found adding a layer of wood chips under the soil did not reduce Nitrogen ...
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Should there really be a gap between mulch and tree trunks?

According to this site, there is no scientific evidence to support the theory that placing wood chips against a tree harms it. See points 9 and 10 of this post for clarification. This goes against ...
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Are they snails in the mulch?

Snails eat anything, including each other, so they like fresh green and growing leaves (usually young leaves) and decaying matter such as dead leaves and other materials that may be present in mulch. ...
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Can I use unused pine bedding as mulch in my potted outdoor plants?

Yes! We regularly use hamster pine wood chips as fertilizer, mixed in with topsoil and shredded dry leaves, and some cork, but only outside. It works great around azalea.
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