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For questions about plants that are part of the Monstera genus. Use it with questions about caring, propagating and identifying Monstera. For questions about "Monstera Minima" which is not an actual Monstera species use the [rhaphidophora] tag.

Member of the Araceae family, colloquially known as s. Most well known species of the genus:

  • Monstera deliciosa commonly known as "Swiss cheese plant". Some sources may refer to this plant as "Split-leaf ".
  • Monstera adansonii commonly known as "Swiss cheese vine" or "Monkey leaf".
  • Monstera borsigiana
  • Monstera standleyana
  • Monstera siltepecana
  • Monstera acuminata
  • Monstera dubia
  • Monstera esqueleto - formerly known as Monstera epipremnoides.
  • Monstera obliqua an extremely rare and hard to come by species.

Disambiguation of "Monstera Minima". Despite what its common name suggests "Monstera Minima" is not a Monstera species but a . Its botanical name is Rhaphidophora tetrasperma.