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This is not mould this is a plant living in water and the roots are calcifying and eating through these this will not harm your plant my brother has many of these and so do I not a worry if you actually look at some of the seeds they actually have a mould growing around there that's different to what is growing on the roots


These are naturally occurring salts from the water added to the pot. As clay is permeable it absorbs the water with the salts. As it dries and the water moves into the soil the salts are left behind and make the crust or layer that you see. To remove this wipe the rim with a cloth that has been soaked in a dilute mixture of vinegar and water. About 1 part ...


From my experience, you can and should remove those from avocado roots. I do not know what that is exactly but I observed that the more of those bumps appear on the roots, the slower the seed develops. If I remove it, the seed comes back to life. There is another thing I figured I need to watch out for, that slows down and eventually kills the seed - white ...

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