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Not an expert on these maples, but generally agree with water issue. However, it looks like perhaps it was over-fertilized? If you have added regular fertilizer without good drainage, all this can accumulate and reach toxic levels. If you fertilized, I would leach it out with clean water (like Reverse Osmosis water) and re-pot in soil containing high ...


Agree with the other answer, but I'd add its better if it's not in a windy spot too. The damage present definitely looks like a combination of too much sun exposure, especially sun in the early to late afternoon, and possibly insufficient water, but wind can also damage the leaves.


This is a common problem with Japanese maples. It's called leaf scorch. The reason is too hot sun and not enough water during hot weather. And hot can be above 20C already. The best thing to do is to find the right spot for your maple. The best spot would be some direct morning sun, and shade for the rest of the day. As I understand, yours gets afternoon sun ...


We can apply general scientific principles to get more information that will help explain what might have happened. It's just a matter of collecting details that help build the most plausible narrative. We know the general process for trees to wake from winter dormancy - in particular maples, where in the previous year carbohydrates are stored in the trunk ...

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