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Help! How can I save my acer with drooping / scorched leaves?

It looks like it's drying, to me. There is nothing else you can do but to keep watering it and hope that some part of it is till alive. As long as the soil in the pot is free-draining, you can ...
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How can I shape a Rocky Mountain Glow Maple to be more round?

Do not attempt - the tree is genetically programmed, if you will, to always grow in an upright pyramidal form. Topping it, which you're suggesting, will result in a large number of possible leaders, ...
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Help! How can I save my acer with drooping / scorched leaves?

You've said you're in the UK and that there are no visible roots coming out the bottom of the pot. I think most of what's happened to your tree is down to the weather, specifically, temperature - we ...
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How hard can I cut back my Acer platanoides globosum?

From the Hillier website: This variety of Norway Maple has a particularly tight global crown, which is grown and then grafted onto the trunk of a Norway Maple at 2.2m high for the vesicular tissues ...
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Will a maple tree grow back after being cut down to a stump?

We are in a wood with lots of very large trees--maples, birch, red oak, etc. We had to cut a number of them down to make room for our new timber frame house. But some of the remaining trees made me ...
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