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Use this tag for questions about growing or diagnosing problems with Dracaena braunii (also D. sanderiana). This plant is commonly known as "lucky bamboo" though it isn't related to bamboo. Use the [bamboo] tag for questions about true bamboos.

Part of the genus, common name for Dracaena braunii (sub-family Nolinoideae). Also known as "Ribbon Draceana", "Belgian Evergreen" or "Ribbon Plant". These are small, shrubby plants with slender stems and strap-shaped leaves. They are native to the understory of rainforests in Cameroon.

Note that despite the name, Dracaena braunii is unrelated to bamboo.

An adult plant grows up to 1.5m tall with leaves 6-10in long.

It is marketed in much of the developed world as "Lucky Bamboo" in the form of decorative short cuttings in water & gravel.

Water based plants should be watered with bottled water, soft tap water with little fluoride, or from filtered (aquarium) water. Fluoridated and/or chlorinated water can be used if the water is left to stand for about a day, allowing the fluorine and chlorine to de-gas.

"Lucky bamboo" is also sold as an aquatic plant for aquariums. Although it will grow like this for months, it will eventually rot unless the sprouts are allowed to grow above the water's surface.

Use this tag for all questions about Dracaena sanderiana / Lucky Bamboo. Use the tag for questions about true bamboos.

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