Sue encouraged me to turn my comments into an answer. So, I'll try to make them meet the criteria. I've only ever heard of tomatoes living a few to several years at the most. Ecnerwal's answer sounds pretty apt. However, I think it's possible for them to live much longer. That's me, though. Whatever the case, vigorous indeterminate tomatoes will probably ...


Anecdotally, I met a "tomato tree" (not really a tree, just a vary large old tomato plant) that was reported to be 4-6 years old (likely started after the last serious hurricane) on an island in the tropics. The main trunk was over 4" in diameter. I'd suspect that determinate/indeterminate makes a big difference here.


I don't know about centuries, but some species live a long time. The large species like Opuntia ficus indica develop woody stems and grow in a tree-like fashion. There are several other South American Opuntias that get very large and tree-like. Aside from the large tree-like plants, longevity will depend on a number of variables; water, nutrition, photo-...


Indefinitely, as long as their habitat isn't depleted (extensive drought/erosion etc), and they don't die from pests/disease, or other causes of death (low temperatures, harvesting, habitat destruction, etc). With cacti, there isn't a genetic lifespan, but it's unlikely for one plant to live for more than 1 or 2 hundred years, due to the above mentioned ...


One vine here in SoCal was protected from frost, and the owner had good crops for three years. Tomatoes will live until frost kills them.


Unless grown in the mediterranean regions basil acts as an annual plant and dies after a year. You can try and keep it alive by moving it inside in the winter but temperatures and lighting levels inside just don't meet its requirements for growth so it will suffer. And if it has already tried to form flowers and seeds it won't really return to vegetative ...


I have a cherry tomato which is 2 years old and still fruiting. I prune the dead leaves every week

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