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Citrus grows best in slightly acid soil conditions, and when in a pot needs good drainage. So this means potting soil that has no alkaline components and watered with water that is not "hard", that is not containing basic/alkaline components like lots of calcium. Clean rain or melted snow has a pH of about 5.6 which is acid enough to counteract a ...


Citrus trees can drop all their leaves for various reasons, and quite often they will wait until the shock has passed and sprout new leaves. So the first thing to do is nothing - at least for a couple of weeks to see if anything happens. The wood that remains alive will resprout and this will tell you where the branches are still alive. At that time you can ...


Western Australia Dept of Ag has an interesting comment on this type of damage. Seems to be due to rats or possums, and they indicate an interesting use of dog hair as deterrent. Might be worth a try. Testing for rats or possums as the culprit might be interesting. Night time recording cameras are becoming more and more available to home gardeners.

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