Small evergreen citrus tree with yellow fruit. Use this tag with questions focusing on the fruit.

Lemon is a citrus , thought to be a hybrid of sour orange and citron. It is usually referred to as species Citrus x limon.

Lemons are one of the most popular citrus fruit and have both culinary and non-culinary applications. The juice has a high level (typically 5-6%) citric acid, which gives it a notable sour taste, but also contains a range of other vitamins and minerals.

There are a number of common lemon varieties in cultivation today. These include year-round fruiting, tolerance, variegated , thick skinned varieties.

It is/has been used as an antiseptic, for aromatherapy (although alleged aroma effects on the immune system have been dis-proven), a source of citric acid, wood polish, as a deodorizer, as a source of d-limonene insecticide, and as a 'safe' acid for science education.

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