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Ants on my lemon tree

Ants are going to the lemon tree to harvest the sap from aphids. Get rid of the aphids and the ants will go elsewhere. Soap and water mixed at a rate of 5 ml soap to 1 liter of water and sprayed on ...
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Myers’s Lemon Tree

If you have suckers from below the graft union (what I interpret your "hard orange leaves at the base" to be) then yes, you want to remove those so that the desired grafted top is what grows....
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Lemon tree losing leaves

Leaf drop is a common stress-related issue in citrus trees and plants, where it is nothing too serious to worry about. It is important not to panic and realise that your citrus tree is still very much ...
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Forcing a non-grafted lemon tree to produce blooms & fruit

If the lemon tree has tolerated the cold, but is being kept above 15℃ (60℉) during the winter months, it will not accrue enough chilling units/hours. To maximise flowering potential, you will need a ...
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Is there any way to save it

From the RHS website here. How to tell if my tree or shrub is dead? Scratch the bark (the “scratch test”) on the shoots of your trees or shrub with your thumb nail or a penknife. A stem with green ...
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Is my lemon tree dead?

If it has green leaves, that part at least isn't dead. Gently scrape away the bark from the dead-looking bare stems. If you see green, the stems are still alive. If you don't see green, the stems are ...
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How to deal with a revived potted lemon tree

It is doing what it can to survive. Dont give it more trauma. In a few months time, when you are certain which branches are dead, prune them.
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