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The most obvious problem is that the nitrogen phosphorous and potassium levels are all completely off the scale. If I had to guess a cause, somebody (not necessarily you!) applied some fertilizer and got the concentration completely wrong. The high levels have killed off the grass but the tougher weeds survived. The other problem is that the pH is low (too ...


Well, I spent a lot of time looking for solutions, and came up with a few suggestions. 1 - herbicides that are recommended for woody plants (Triclopyr or Picloram as the active ingredient) are the ones that work. They take a while to work, though. The chemical should be applied to a freshly cut stump so it absorbs into the root. This is best done in the ...


Do you water daytime or in the evening or at night ? Perhaps extend the watering time to a proper 'drench' IE - several hours or even overnight if at all possible ? Not sure if there are any restrictions on water usage ? Dependant on temperature, water applied in hot/warm weather will evaporate quickly so insufficient water may actually be reaching the roots ...


Buy a second pool the same size and a pump, pump the water into a second pool everyday and move the pools around the garden. If you put it through a filter too then you freshen the water every 24hrs too.

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