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The dark ones are aphids, and the white ones are likely whitefly since they have wings. Since you have both then a careful search will probably turn up mealybugs as well since they are a known pest of Kalanchoe. These bugs are attacking the most susceptible parts of the plant, the fresh new growth and the flowers. Perhaps you have a source of these bugs on ...


If they have wings, most likely aphids - these are green, white, black or brown in colour and are very common. Any insecticide should work, or try neem oil spray - note that systemic insecticides will keep them away for up two weeks, whereas a contact insecticide will only clear what is currently present on the plant when you use the spray.


The issue of drainage is very important, not necessarily that water flows out the bottom but that air is pulled in at the top. Some plants can tolerate being wet for a while, but very few roots can survive without air, either present in the irrigation water or allowed to flow through the compost. Kalanchoe is not a plant that can tolerate wet roots. When we ...

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