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It's not possible to see all the details clearly, but it appears to be one of the shield bugs, sometimes called stink bugs (although most of them don't stink at all, the one that does is Halyomorpha halys, the brown marmorated stink bug). Hard to say which one it is because coloration and pattern changes at different times, as well as not being able to see ...


Carpet beetles This is not a plant pest, although on rare occasions they would lay eggs in dead plant matter. Management of carpet beetles


Cut the dead stem off at the ground with a pair of secateurs to get a clean cut. Or you can twist the dead foliage and it might come out clean. The bugs you saw were unlikely to be the cause of the problem. Most tropical plant pests are slow moving and live on the underside of the plant's leaves or stems. You should ignore them as applying pesticides is ...

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