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What is this large, fast-growing plant with red stems and leaf veins?

It is an Amaranth, but it's called a "Pink Beauty"! I have two of these plants.
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Plant with orange-red leaves and white-purplish flowers, can anyone help me identify it?

It is coleus! The shape of leaves, colour and the flower stick confirms it's a coleus. There's a lot of varieties of coleus of different colours and shape. This may be Big Red Judy or Color Blaze ...
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What is this giant grub looking thing?

Figeater / June bug. Just found a grub like yours crossing my lawn and their season is coming to a close here. I'm in southern AZ and almost positive you have them out there too.
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Can you identify this spider? [UK]

It has been three years but I can confirm this is a giant house spider with a very striking and gorgeous abdomen pattern. If anyone was wondering I'm still terrified of spiders and think back to this ...
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Strange orange bug in the garden with long legs

I think I found them: Nymphs of leaf footed bug Some people misidentify as nymphs of Assassin Bugs, which would be dangerous, but... https://www....
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Can we identify a tree from its roots? Would help a bunch with my sewer problem

You can't on our own, but there should be laboratories who do this work. I'm in the UK so don't know what you have available where you are, but we have labs that specialise in tree root ID, usually ...
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Getting rid of spikey ball weeds

From your photo, it seems that the balls have spikes, not burrs. However, the leaves do look more clover-like than goats head leaves, which make it appear to be burr clover. The determining test is: ...
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Identify millipede: brown body and yellow spots on the sides

Millipedes are detritivores, meaning that they primarily feed on decaying plant matter. They are not a danger to people or living plants. However, if you have pets and are concerned about them eating ...
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What is this large plant that came up when I turned my soil?

I think its a squash. Flowers are yellow sort of trumpet style. I think velvet leaf starts getting tall and rangy and doesn't have trumpet like flowers.
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Plant identification please. Volunteer shrub growing in yard in Sedona, AZ

As Yosef said, that looks like a forsythia to me. I don't know the specific species which would tell you how large and how upright / arcing it intends to grow. Forsythia grow quickly and are tough ...
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