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Why are my petunias dying?

Based on your description, it does sound like a potential fungal issue, especially since the plants are dying from the ground up. Often caused by overwatering or poorly draining soil. Even if you are ...
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Options for growing indoors

Living in an apartment with balcony restrictions doesn't have to limit your herb garden dreams! This scenario is quite common, especially in Central Florida. There are several ways to create a ...
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Options for growing indoors

Not really comfortable to recommend an answer or mine but it seems fitting here. The new cat destroyed it since but even the 5yo soil works in pots - away from the beast.
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Propagating the cordyline from cutting didn't work

Here's the thing: you were on the right track with the polybag! It's all about creating a cozy, humid haven for those cuttings to focus on root production. But sometimes, we gotta be careful not to ...
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What is happening with my pothos?

In addition to the previous answers I want to add two things Firstly it appears that the plant has been damaged, possibly by some sort of animal There are cracks on some leaves and some stems have ...
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getting rid of scale bugs by submerging

I had a few tillandsias (aka airplants) that had scale insects. I submerged the plants for about 10 hours and it successfully got rid of the scale insects without any harm to the plant. I have read ...
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