A genus of lily-like plants, family Asparagaceae.

Sometimes known as Corfu Lily, Day Lily, or Plantain Lily; Hostas (genus Hosta) are a genus of about 23-45 species of lily-like plants in the family Asparagaceae. Originally they were classified as liliaceae but are now considered "liloid" (lily like).

Hostas are herbaceous perennials that grow from rhizomes or stolons. They have broad leaves that can vary from 1 to 19 inches long, and 0.75-12 inches broad. Leaves are typically green, but some have a coating which gives them a blue appearance. Some species have a white coating under their leaves; and yellow-green leaf mutations are known in the wild. Variegated cultivars exist.

Hostas are native to China, Japan, and Korea.

Hostas are typically grown as ground cover plants that are noted for being shade tolerant.

Hostas are also edible and they are eaten in Japan as "urui". The edible portion varies by species but is typically the leaf or leaf shoots.

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