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Most Rosemary plants do exhibit phototropism - growth tends to go upwards, but their natural growth habit is gawky, there's nothing neat about a rosemary plant as it gets a little older - you may get woody branches going sideways, even pointing downwards, with fresh growth on them which usually points upwards initially. There is a form 'Miss Jessop's ...


Some rosemary plants are prostrate in form- perhaps you have this variety? Here's a picture of my own plant for comparison. Note that some of the branches do tend to rise vertically.


Rosemary are shrub-like plants: they tend to growth sideways. I think because they growth relatively slow, "they want" to cover soil as much as possible, to prevent other plant to growth and make shadows. As I saw on various rosemary plants, there is not phototropism in strict sense. If you wait months, you should see that suddenly a new shot will start in ...

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