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You don't need to resod as chickens work well on grass, and there should be diversify in grass so you don't need to fertilize as much if you do. The number is depending on the size of the area you're stripping of plant life.


Go with option 2, as long as your contractor is using Triclopyr (commonly sold as a stump and root killer) or a chemical called Garlon II. With either chemical, they should just paint the liquid onto the cut branches as soon as they've finished the cut - in fact, my bottle f triclopyr contains a brush built-in to the cap to make this easier. If triclopyr is ...


It sounds like your contractor is proposing using a stump killer if you don't have the stumps and roots bored out. These products are usually not sprayed,but applied directly to the stump; formulations vary, I always use a liquid stumpkiller and apply it to holes or little wells I've drilled into the stump,but there are granular formulations which are ...

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