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Slow growth and constant premature flowering of pepper plants

The early formation of flowers and fruits we would generally interpret as stress in the plants for one reason or another. It might be temperature, lack of air at the roots, lack of light, room for ...
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Japanese maple Mikawa Yatsubusa - Coping with bad tip pruning?

One thing at a time. Use the eye of an artist to bravely and completely remove any wayward branch that distorts the tree shape. Concentrate on a left-right balance whether symmetrical or not. Here is ...
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How long will it take for new growth on a skelatonized citrus tree?

These sites (California Rare Fruit Grower and Gardening Know How) indicate that major pruning should be done after last freeze in spring, but before summer's heat. Unfortunately, your timing on ...
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Help please my rubber tree

To get more top growth you could stop repotting it as when you do that the plant spends time growing new roots. Also, more light, much more light. Outside light levels can be 100,000 lux. Inside a ...
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