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If I harvest bell pepper, will it grow back? (I control the temperature in my small greenhouse)

Yes. I understand your question and the answer is yes. After harvesting, allow the plant to “die back” and prune off all the dried limbs. The plant will come back in spring twice as big as before. ...
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How much UV light should I block when shading my greenhouse?

Where I used to work, we raised mostly bedding plants in a nursery about 50 miles north of Atlanta, Georgia (putting us a little north of the 34th parallel). We covered our greenhouse with shade cloth ...
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What fruit or veg can I grow in an 8'x6' greenhouse in NW England?

Strawberries and blueberries are both fruits that are fairly shallow-rooted. Using the staging allows multiple layers of plants in the same space. Lettuces are also fairly shallow rooted; But other ...
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