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Why are my indoor grown Loquat saplings, grown from seeds, getting wilted and blackened leaves and dying?

You don't say what part of the world you are in, although you must be in the northern hemisphere since you mention ice and cold weather arriving. Loquat trees are not deciduous, so leaf loss should ...
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Disinfecting greenhouse

If it was indeed well ventilated and the roots were not permanently drenched in water then the pathogens (bacteria and fungi) could have arrived via air, insects or birds. You can't do much about ...
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Greenhouse - Plastic Greenhouse Covering

After erecting this greenhouse, I have now taken some very rough measurements using a light meter on my cellphone. This cloth seems to block about 30% of the light (ie taking readings inside the ...
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Is there any way to save it

From the RHS website here. How to tell if my tree or shrub is dead? Scratch the bark (the “scratch test”) on the shoots of your trees or shrub with your thumb nail or a penknife. A stem with green ...
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Tomato plants longevity

I know I am a bit too late to answer this. But as long as you see a plant looks healthy, you can bring them in. Additionally, you owing to the size of the plant, I think it'd be a cool idea to take ...
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