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Rake with an iron rake ( not a spring type ), you want to pull grass leaves up to the surface. I put 1 to 2 inches of sand in the back yard and it worked well . I have St Augustine which can be put in with plugs so it may have tolerated it better than some other grasses.


I don't know why everyone insists on rolling. If you leave the soil loose the roots will go in deeper easier. Just stay off the lawn until the roots have tightened up the soil. It's good to stay off it anyways. Plus, when you compact the soil then fill and compact again, then seed, the roots go into the dirt and take up space. Sometimes as much as inches of ...


If you want to sow seed, you'd need to rough up the compacted surface, keep it watered, then strip it all out and compact it again later ready for the pool contractor. If the area of bare soil is mostly going to be covered by poured concrete or hard surfacing, I would cover the soil with something like thick black plastic across the whole area, anchored ...


Check local people for advice. In Melbourne (Australia) the grass to use is Red Fescue. Looks like thin green wire, and needs frequent reseeding if you want the lush look.

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