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Are these apple saplings turning yellow due to autumn or to a virus

The answer to this question will depend on the time of year (in this case november) and your region. For many regions in North America and northern Europe, november is a normal time for trees to start ...
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Is this apple canker?

This is the damage as done by woolly apple aphids. These aphids suck tree saps from your apple tree, and by doing so cause these deformations. The deformations themselves are usually not a big issue, ...
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Does anyone know what plant is it?

This is a member of the Ficus family. If the leaves are thin then it is likely to be Ficus benjamina. Keys to identification are: when a leaf is broken white sap comes out pale dots on the stem ...
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How long will it take for new growth on a skelatonized citrus tree?

These sites (California Rare Fruit Grower and Gardening Know How) indicate that major pruning should be done after last freeze in spring, but before summer's heat. Unfortunately, your timing on ...
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What is the most valuable tree here?

If you aren't engaging in actual agriculture, a tree's 'economic value' doesn't make much sense to me. Economic value is what the tree would be worth to other people, and who cares about them? The ...
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