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I add a drop of dawn dish soap and 12 ounces of lemon lime soda to the water and it keeps flowers pressure longer than anything else


2 days is really no big deal as long as you keep your flowers out of bright sunlight or near a radiator. I'm a florist in Essex UK and we would expect our cut flower bouquets to last 10-14 days. We have customers who contact us complementing that their flowers have lasted 3 weeks! We do not do anything special, just cut stems with a very sharp knife or ...


There are one or two misconceptions about plants generally in your question. Some plants do flower in mid winter or very early spring, when it is still cold - snowdrops and aconites are good examples. Generally, the bloom time for permanent plants is for a period of between 2-6 or maybe 8 weeks, with the exception of summer bedding or tropical/sub tropical ...


This appears to be an Albizia or Silk Tree; note the pinnate leaf and the flower with very long stamens. This one happens to be pink in colour but there are other colours. There are many different Albizias so it will be a puzzle to try to distinguish which species. Some are considered weedy and invasive.


You seem to have an Azalea, it is related to Rhododendron. Azalea can be kept indoors, but only under proper conditions. It likes a lot of indirect sun light, so try not to keep it in full sun light. Also put the plant in a pot with proper drainage, too wet or too dry soil can kill the plant. Be careful with fertilizer, too much can also be harmful. Here is ...

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