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Your plant on the top is a Red apple ice plant


Common name is Apple-of-Peru, botanical name is Nicandra physalodes. It is a member of the Nightshade family, and as the name suggests already it is native to South America. It is introduced in many parts of the world including Europe. If you want to propagate it, try to collect seeds.


How deep is the growing medium on the roof? What is the growing medium? It's important to note that green roofs in the US are engineered, with specific layers of different media to ensure proper drainage. I assume that that is also the case in the EU. The fact that you have plants already growing on the roof is very encouraging - it looks as if someone has ...


They look like spittlebugs. They produce a bubbly spit-like substance around themselves for protection from heat, predators, etc. Your reply to me question seems to confirm this. Apparently, they can be plant-sucking pests, but I've only seen them on rare occasions in small numbers before (mostly in my childhood on giant garden weeds), and the plants didn't ...

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