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As Kid mentioned plants grow towards the light. For this reason, make sure you turn your pot weekly a 1/4 or 1/2 turn. This will provide you plant equal light on all sides. I would suggest starting with a taller stake, rather than putting more soil in the pot. More soil means more moisture. Longer it takes for your plant to dry out. But, yes you ...


-->Usually plants propagates in the direction of sunlight. if there is no equal distribution of light on the plant this might be one of the reason. --> you might be watering plant from one side of the plant so plants leans towards wet side.


I doubt it is dying. I believe it is loosing lower leaves, because it is not getting enough sunlight. If you do not have a window, buy a small desk top grow light. One with that is full spectrum and white light (no red/blue lights). Something like the link below. It's about $35 in Canada, it will be about $10 cheaper if you are in the States. I would ...

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