Genus of woody trees, shrubs, vines, and epiphytes; also known as "fig trees".

Genus Ficus (family Moraceae) contains over 850 species that cover a wide range of tropical ecological niches including s, , , and epiphytes; but is commonly named after one particular species - the tree.

Despite their wide variety, ficus trees often have aerial . They have distinctive with an enclosed inflorescence (syconium - an urn-like structure lined on the inside with tiny ). These flowers are designed for by tiny highly-specific fig . Fig plants all possess a white to yellow (latex) sap; and twigs leave a circular stipule scar when they fall off.

Figs are considered a major "keystone" species in rainforest ecosystems, that provide fruit, perches, and habitats for other creatures.

A number of ficus are grown for their fruits, but Ficus carica is the primary "fig" in cultivation.

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