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Why is my fescue wilting?

I'm no expert but growing a lawn two inches over a membrane definitely doesn't sound a good idea. The membrane will prevent the grass roots growing down into the underlying soil. That means the lawn ...
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Mushrooms in the back yard

The "mushrooms" you see above ground are the reproductive part of the fungi which produce spores. Their growth is triggered by weather conditions (in your case, probably by the rainfall) and ...
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What is this? Not: crabgrass, fescue clumps, quackgrass? Course and bright yellow?

First and last picture looks like a clumping/coarse fescue. Very common in northern blended turfs. Even TTTF will begin clumping heavily under stress and may need thinning (scarifying) and reseeding ...
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What are the bright green patches in my Fescue grass?

While I can not say with any certainty what is causing the difference in color from one part of your yard to the next. I can say there are steps you can take at home to figure this out. I would start ...
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What kind of seed is most suitable for my lawn?

Love the Nazi Home Owner Association, so very true! What I am seeing is a 'snow mold' problem on your lawn. You have some preparation to do before seeding. Removing all of the roots and debris, a ...
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How to kill weeds (see picture) without killing tall fescue grass

You need a selective turf weedkiller. Pop along to a decent garden centre and see what they have available. Follow the instructions to the letter.
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Should I keep my dogs off my lawn after overseeding?

Yes, you should keep them off - once germinated, the seedlings then have to root properly and firmly into the soil. While that is happening, they are vulnerable to being pulled out by the roots for a ...
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